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Triple Your Subscription Rate by asking visitors to subscribe when they want to subscribe

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Boost Your Sales by promoting the products visitors they are interested in.

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Decrease Cart Abandonment By 12% by offering the right incentive when they're just about to leave.

How It Works - Simple, Yet Powerful.

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holdonstranger Tracks Your Visitors’ Path and Actions Across Your Website

Knowledge is power. By gathering real-time data on your visitors’ behavior on your website, holdonstranger gives you unmatched insight into demographics, shopping patterns, and behavioral psychology.


Your Visitor’s Actions Trigger the Perfect Offer

Using the data it gathers, holdonstranger lets you present each of your visitors with a popup targeting their specific needs, wants, and interests. Since timing is critical, these offers are presented when your readers are most likely to be interested in them.


You Make More Sales and Get More Subscribers

These ultra-targeted popups will drastically increase your conversions. This will help you to make more sales, get more subscribers, and increase your profitable revenue. There is no easier way to rapidly grow your business online.

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We have been using holdonstranger since October 2016 and till now it has earned us more than $50K of extra business. As dreamy as it may sound our conversion rate (in subscription) jumped by 15% over night. And the best part is their easy to use dashboard allows our marketers to do all the experimentation themselves without consuming tech bandwidth.

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The Opportunities For Converting Visitors into Profitable Revenue Are Endless

Unlike other popup software, holdonstranger uses real-time analytics and high-performance data gathering on your website to present your visitors with popups that target their specific needs, wants, and interests. This increases your conversions, allowing you to get more subscribers, make more sales, and ultimately generate more profitable revenue for your business.

Build a Huge Mailing List

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By strategically using popups when your readers are most likely to click, and presenting them with an ultra-relevant offer, your conversions will skyrocket. This will pave the way for unlimited opportunities to market to, and profit from, your visitors on the backend..

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Increase Sales

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holdonstranger targets your visitors with offers that are highly-targeted, and relevant to their current interests making it easy to draw in first time customers, and creating long-term repeat customers. This is by far one of the easiest, and most effective, ways to boost profits, and quickly grow your business.

Convert Abandoning Visitors

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If your website is suffering from high bounce rates and visitor abandonment, holdonstranger can help with targeted “last chance” popups that can turn a significant portion of your bounced visitors into customers, clients, or subscribers. holdonstranger can also decrease shopping cart abandonment by 12% or more, giving you huge boost in profitable revenue and increasing repeat business.

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Promote New Product Offers

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Get your hottest offers in front of visitors who want them the most. By generating site-wide exposure using strategic popups, you can ensure that your new products are making you money as soon as they’re released, instead of being buried somewhere on your site, and wasting their huge profit potential.

Grab More Leads and Contacts

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Generating a never-ending stream of profitable leads and contacts is easy when you’re using holdonstranger. By gathering data on what potential leads respond to the most on your website, it can predict what offers will convert best, and target them when they’re most likely to respond to your offer.

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Direct Visitors to Your High-Converting Pages

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FACT: The more people who land on your highest converting pages, the more money you make. holdonstranger will present your visitors with popups that pop at just the right time to filter more traffic to your highest converting pages. This is by far one of the best way to turn your traffic into profitable revenue.

"At LSEO we are big fans of holdonstranger and we highly recommend it to all of our clients. Why you might ask? On average our visitor to conversion ratio has increased by over 20%. By increasing our conversation rates we have been able to spend less money on paid acquisition and generate more leads!"

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Kristopher B. Jones, Founder and CEO,

Will holdonstranger Work for My Business?

holdonstranger has a track record of success across every type of website. That’s because the software’s data gathering capabilities are designed to be flexible enough to adapt to any platform, and create dynamic strategies for your specific website and business model.


holdonstranger tracks the pages your visitors visit, and lets you accurately guess what products they’re most interested in. You can present them with relevant popups at strategic moments allowing you to draw in first time customers, create repeated business, and when applied on the cart and checkout pages dramatically decrease profit-killing shopping cart abandonment.

Blogs & Publishers

By tracking which pages, topics, and material each visitor is most interested in, holdonstranger can present them with a popup with an offer relevant to those interests. This will hugely increase conversion rates, and help you grow your mailing list faster than ever before, giving you unlimited opportunities to market to your audience on the backend.

SaaS & Services

With the power of data-driven popups, holdonstranger helps you generate hot leads that you can convert into repeat business for massive reoccurring income. This applies not only to online services and SaaS, but also offline services looking to generate leads online as well.


holdonstranger is designed to be flexible enough to work with any business. By allowing you to zero in on the specific psychological triggers of your website’s visitors, you can accomplish your marketing goals, and grow your business like never before.

Works With EVERY Kind of Website

holdonstranger has been specifically designed to work with every website platform and software imaginable. From basic HTML websites to your own internal solution.

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Subscribers Are Fed Straight Into Your Email Marketing Service or CRM

No need to manually export-import the subscribers and contacts you capture with holdonstranger into your other marketing services. As soon as a contact or subscriber is captured it's forwarded immediately into them.

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And 750+ Other Services ?
If your service isn't listed above don't worry. There's a service called that acts like a glue between different web services/apps. holdonstranger connects to Zapier, which in turn connects to 750+ different services. This isn't exactly how it works, but it's as if the emails you collect through holdonstranger are automatically sent to Zapier, which in turns sends them to your own marketing service. This saves the need to import-export subscribers manually. The moment someone subscribes through one of your holdonstranger's popups, they're email is fed straight into your marketing service which will do it's thing with them. It's totally FREE. To see if your service is included in Zapier, visit this page and search for the software's name in their search field. If it comes up in the search results it's because it's supported.

3 Minutes To Get Your First Visitor Targeted Message Live On Your Website

Get holdonstranger setup and increasing your conversions in just 14 minutes or less. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s profitable. If you ever need help, you can reach our friendly customer service team directly from inside your account. We're always happy to lend you a hand.


Install holdonstranger on your website

A single copy/paste is literally all it takes to install holdonstranger on your website. Do this once and you'll never have to touch a single line of code again.

Choose your kind of message

Are you looking to capture more subscribers? Save some sales? Promote new products? Decide on a goal and move to the next step. And if you don't know where to start, that's cool. We have a ton of ideas ready for you to choose from and implement immediately.

Pick from one of many templates and make it yours

Pick a template, change colors, fonts, animations and more. Our easy-to-use popup editor let's you come up with something unique that easily matches your website and brand.

Define the target visitors

Who should see your popup? First time visitors? Visitors checking out? holdonstranger gives you fine control over your targetimg, so you can show your popup to visitors most likely to convert, and hide it from visitors most likely to be annoyed.

Set it live with a single click

'Click' and it's live on your website - that's it. You'll instantly be capturing more subscribers and sales. And all it took was about 3 minutes!

Profit and repeat!

It's so easy to create new targeted messages and offers. Keep adding to your bottom-line with each new one you create.

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And Discover How Easy it is to Generate Hot Leads, Make More Sales, and Boost Your Profitable Revenue

holdonstranger gives you everything you need to take your online marketing efforts to the next level using data driven, highly-targeted popups. There is no better way to increase conversions, get more leads, and make more sales. If you’re not using holdonstranger, you are definitely leaving a lot of money on the table, and stunting the growth of your business.

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I signed on with holdonstranger in December of 2014 because I was looking to increase the number of subscribers to my email list. Almost immediately after implementing it on my website I saw an increase in sign-ups. To this day I have over a 10% conversion rate, which I think is pretty impressive!

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