Targeting & Triggers

Trigger options

At the moment popups can be triggered by 6 different visitor actions:

  • When he/she tries to exit the website (with exit-intent tech).
    ( Because the detection works by tracking the visitor’s mouse position, direction and speed this trigger only works for visitors coming from desktop/laptop browsers. other visitors will never see the popup)
  • When he/she scrolls to a specific point of your page. holdonstranger pays attention to the visitor’s location on the page as he/she scrolls, and when he reaches a certain distance (in px or %) from the top or bottom of the page, it triggers.
  • After he/she has been on the page for a certain amount of time.
  • Immediately. As soon as the page the is fully loaded.
  • On click. User can associate a call to holdonstranger API once an element is clicked.
    Add the following code to the HTML of the element that when clicked should display the popup:
    <button>Signup Now!</button>
    <button onclick="_hos_&&'show', {id: 'VJRJ6X9k' })">Signup Now!</button>
    Onclick trigger example
  • Explicit trigger by calling holdonstranger API whenever the conditions do arrive.  See javascript below:
    _hos_ && ( 'show', { id: 'VJRJ6X9k' } );
    // OR
    _hos_ && ( 'show', { name: 'Cart-big-value' } );
    Showing explicitly a popup

    The popup ID or popup name can be used to identify the popup to show.

NOTICE: Notice that when you select the Trigger display from javascript or On click triggers, ALL other targeting options are ignored.

You can change the trigger of a popup by going to Targeting > Display Trigger on a popup’s page.

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