Targeting & Triggers

Visitor targeting options

At the moment you can target popups based on a few different conditions:

  • Their total number of visits to your website. How many times they’ve been on your website before.
  • Total pages viewed on current visit.
  • Total time spent on the website on the current visit.
  • The device their using. If either they’re visiting your website from a desktop browser, a touch device(mobile & tablet) or both.
  • By the last time, they’ve seen the same popup.
  • By the site, they came from before landing on your website. Perfect for targeting Facebook visitors, for instance.
  • By the UTM parameters associated with URL.
  • By the country/region where the visitor is coming from (NOTICE: the region sometimes is not very precise, due to the IP migrations within country regions).
  • By the mailing lists, they’re subscribed to. ( At the moment you can exclude visitors subscribed to specific lists, but not target visitors subscribed to lists. We’ll make the latter possible soon. )

You can change the trigger of a popup by going to Targeting > Visitor targeting on a popup’s page.

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